Green Electricity

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Solar Power

Solar plates are made from a set of two silicon material plates, combined with two elements (such as Phosphorus & Boron) that react with a positive & negative charge. The sun light produces a particle of energy called a photon onto these plates. As the sun's photons break off more electrons in the charge, electricity is generated. Wires on the plates then relay the electricity to a point, such as a battery, where it can be used from.

Saving Electrical Costs Around the Household

Keep in mind you'll save more electricity by dealing with the devices that are heaviest on power, rather than worrying about items that don't use much electricity. Here are some simple actions to look into:
- When using the kettle, try to boil the lowest amount of water possible for what you need.
- Use a clothes line or laundry rack instead of a dryer.
- If you are less than three in the house, keep your geyser off until an hour or so before you need to bath/shower. (There are also devices that can control geyser temperatures & set timers.)
- Front-loading washing machines use far less electricity than a top-loading machines.
- Energy saving light bulbs save power & last longer than older ones. Also remember to turn off the lights that you aren't using.
- Make use of ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner.
- Put your computer in sleep/hibernate when it is not going to be used for a hour or two (You will see the option when selecting "Shut Down")
- Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm water.
- If purchasing a fridge, look from a Energy Star model.

For more information regarding industrial, home & agricultural energy advice, you can review the section under "Customer Services" - "Energy Advise" on the Eskom website -

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